E With I and R

E with I and R

E with I and R

E with I and P

E with P and R

I with E and R

I with P and E

I with P and R

R with E and I

R with E and P

R with P and I

P with I and E

P with I and R

P with E and R

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Voltage Equals Current Times Resistance

If you know the current and resistance of a circuit, then by multiplying these two numbers together you will have calculated the voltage. This is not a common calculation for an electrician since the resistance of a load is rarely known. Some people think this is Ohms Law but R equals E divided by I has the honor of being designated as Ohms Law.

Example, if the current of a load is .83 amps and the resistance is 144 ohms, then the voltage equals .83 times 144 or 120 volts.

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