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Fixed Appliance Loads for Residential Services

When there are four or more fixed appliances in a dwelling unit, then the entire nameplate value for each appliance does not need to be added into the service calculation. Instead, a total of all the appliances is calculated. Then that total is multiplied by 75% which will yield a smaller number to be entered into the service calculation. The reason is that in a dwelling unit all of the appliances will not typically be used at the same time. Therefore, a smaller allowance is needed for them in the service calculation.

Fixed appliance loads can include:

attic exhaust fan
bath exhaust fan
boat davit
built in clock
built in sub-zero
built in toaster
ceiling fans
central vacuum
central air cleaner
central dehumidifier
door bell transformer
driveway gate motor
elevator equipment
fire alarm panel
fixed aquarium
fountain pump
garage door opener
garbage disposal
hear recovery unit
instant hot water
microwave attached
pool heater
pool pump
range hood fan
security alarm system
water heater
water pump
window shutters

You get the idea.

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Appliances which may not be included in this calculation reduction are:
clothes dryer, range, wall mounted oven, counter mounted cooking unit, space heater, air handlers, air conditioner compressor, and air conditioner units.



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