Assignment #ME13

Master Electrician Assignment #13

Source                                                                        Assignment                                                Time To Do  Time Spent      Done 
Electricity One-Seven (Mileaf)
Skim read 7-51 to 7-111
1 hour
2005 NEC (NFPA)
Read all 700's
1 hour
American Electricians' Handbook (Croft)
NEC Blueprint Reading (Miller)
Electrician Technical Literacy List (Larson)
Masters List U-Z
2 hours
Electrician Vocabulary Improvement Workbook (Larson)
1 hour
Search Term Index (Larson)
Closed Book Questions for Electrician Examinations (Larson)
1 hour
Open Book Questions for Electrician Examinations (Larson)
1 hour
Journeyman Electrician Calculations Workbook (Larson)
1 hour
Master Electrician Calculations Workbook (Larson)
114-117    125-133                  177 (Optional)
2 hours
Reference Formulas Appendix (Larson)
Read 22, 27
1/2 hour
Journeyman Electrician Practice Examinations (Larson)
Complete JE#6
Master Electrician Practice Examinations (Larson)
Review and retake ME#3
8 hours






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