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Here are topics which will be included in the personalized Journeyman Webpage which you will receive when your payment for the practice exams has been received. You will receive the web address for the page with hyperlinks activated in an email which you can then select as a shortcut for your desktop. If you loose the web address, just email a request for a resend. Be sure to include the date you purchased your practice exams for verification.

Invest In Yourself
Build a Reference Library
Reading Improvement
Math Test    Answers  with  Audio Support
Assignments For Self Study
Electrical Terms Glossary
Technical Literacy List   Apprentice    Journeyman
Vocabulary Matching Exercises    1-40
Electrical Theory Background
2005 NEC Online
Study Tips
General Knowledge Questions  Answers
Diagnostic Exams
Electrical Calculations Worksheets  Answers    1-180
Calculations Check Values
Math Tips
Reference Formulas Appendix (Print this)
Lab Journeyman Class
Quizzes Journeyman Class
2005 NEC Search Term Index (Print this)
2005 NEC 400 Extra NEC Questions from Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8    Answers
Printreading 2005 Expanded Index (Print this)
Electrical Update (Reading Practice)
Thompson Prometric Website (No affiliation)
Test Taking Tips
Answers to all electrical exams at all levels (Joke)
Time Management
Tricky Questions
Bad Questions
Skip Questions
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