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Junction Box Pull Box Straight Pull

The dimension of a pull box required for various types of pulls is covered in the National Electrical Code.

A straight pull is one where conductors enter a box on one side, then exit through the opposite side without a splice. The raceway enclosing the conductors do not need to line up in a straight line, or any other way. Here are three examples of straight pulls:

The distance from one side of the box to the other side of the box must be at least eight times the trade diameter of the largest raceway containing these conductors. Where more than one raceway is on one side of a box, the box is sized on the basis of eight times the largest raceway on that wall plus the trade size of any other raceways on that same wall. Which ever side ends up with the larger calculated value prevails to determine the eight times minimum dimension.

Note: There is no stipulation in the NEC about the other dimensions of the box. So looking at the below diagram, here are the rules:

a dimension (left to right) eight times largest raceway containing same conductors

b dimension (top to bottom) no requirement except to accommodate locknuts or hubs.

c dimension (front-to-back) depth) no requirement except to accommodate locknuts and hubs.

Find practice problems HERE.

Find audio support HERE. Note the audio support relates to the practice problems just above this line.



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