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Box Fill Conductors #6 and Smaller

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Box Fill Calculations

Where a box is planned to contain conductors which are sizes #6 and smaller, then a volume calculation will allow you to determine the correct box size for the job. Usually this means finding the depth of a device box but it cal also mean determining the size of a junction box.

So a #14 AWG conductor is calculated at 2 cubic inches 

#12 AWG conductor 2.25 cubic inches

#10 AWG conductor 2.5 cubic inches

#8 AWG conductor 3 cubic inches

#6 AWG conductor 5 cubic inches

There are quite a few special considerations found in the NEC article dealing with box fill. Read article NEC 314 to refresh your memory of these details.

Note: Remember that pull boxes for conductors sized #4 and larger are determined based on raceway size, and not cubic inches.


Several box fill worksheets are available for practice on this topic. Click on a page number. The image will come up on your computer screen. You can press the print button to make a copy of the page. Click the Audio Support words to hear a description of the technique of solution.

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