Transformers Three Phase

Centigrade Fahrenheit Square Inches Circular Mils Cost kwH Circular Mils
k Constant Voltage Drop 1 Phase Voltage Drop 3 Phase Voltage Drop Percent
Voltage Drop Multiple Legs Transformers 1 Phase Transformers 3 Phase AC Refrigeration 1 Phase
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Calculations involving three phase delta and wye transformers can be straight forward formula problems. The formulas represent definitions associated with these transformer types.

Here is a set of formulas you will see here and no where else. These formulas were developed to assist test takers to answer three phase transformer problems with no knowledge of any of the theory behind the formulas. All it takes to solve three phase transformer problems is substitution algebra skills.

Keep in mind that line values of the primary must be used with line values of the secondary.

Keep in mind that phase values of the primary must be used only with phase values of the secondary.

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