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An electrician is not expected to know how to construct or repair a transformer. Our job is to install what we are told to install. Usually the specifics about a transformer are provided on a blueprint. An electrician may be expected to evaluate an issue with a transformer. So some familiarity with terminology and calculations is helpful.

Here are terms associate with transformers:

Line Side - Input - Primary - L1 L2 L3 - Supply Side

Load Side - Output - Secondary - T1 T2 T3 - Use Side

P primary (p) wattage of line side
P secondary (s) wattage of load side
E primary (p) voltage of line side
E secondary (s) voltage of load side
I primary (p) current of the line side
I secondary (s) current of the secondary
N primary (p) number of turns in the primary
N secondary (s) number of turns in the load side
eff efficiency of a transformer
pf power factor of a transformer
ratio comparison of primary to secondary voltages


To insure that you understand the calculator technique for these formulas, here is a check values chart which you can use to practice with a calculator. Use the values given in the chart to find other values given in the chart. If after making the calculation, you get a different answer than in the chart, redo the calculation until your answer matches the check values. HERE

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