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Cost kWH

The cost to operate any electrical load, without taking into consideration power company surcharges for low power factor loads, is calculated by multiplying the number of kilowatt hours times the cost per kwH to determine the cost for that period.

If you do not know the cost of electricity as charged by your power company, do the following:

Divide the total kwH consumed for that period into the total dollar amount charged. This total dollar amount will include taxes, fuel adjustment costs, and other adjustments. The result will be the actual cost of electricity for that level of consumption per kwH.

Note: For loads which are measured in watts, remember to divide by 1000 to get kw.

Formula is hours times kw times cost per kwH = cost in dollars to operate.

Example: If you want to calculate how much it costs to operate a pizza oven for a three hour period, and the oven is 6000 watts, then the calculator technique would be 3 (hours on) times 6000 watts (divided by 1000 to get kw) times, say, 12 cents per kwH.

The result is an obvious $2.16 (Ignore the likelihood that the oven is thermostatically controlled and may not be on the entire three hours)

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