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These practice worksheets are intended to be used with a Texas Instruments® TI-30Xa calculator.

Calculator Practice and Conversion Factors - Journeyman Calculations Workbook #1
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1    Calculator Practice  +  -  ×  ÷
2    Calculator Practice  percentage
3    Calculator Practice  v  mv.  a  ma.  kW   HP  mils  feet
4    Conversion Factors   kW  kV  mils  HP
5    Conversion Factors   BTU  HPH  centimeters   inches
6    Conversion Factors   circular mils  sq. inches   sq. mils
7    Conversion Factors   sq. inches  sq. mils   circular mils
8    Electrical Consumption  kwh
9    Electrical Consumption
10  Electrical Consumption  Story Problems
11  Worksheet
12  Worksheet
13  Calculator Practice  conversion of fractions to decimals
14  Calculator Practice  +  -  ×  ÷  of fractions
15  Calculator Practice  square root of n  n  n squared
16  Calculator Practice  Pythagorean Theorem
17  Calculator Practice  area of a rectangle - circle - radius - diameter
18  Calculator Practice volume of a box
19  Calculator Practice volume of a cylinder - volume of an octagon box
20  Cross Multiplication  product sum
21   Temperature conversion
22  Ohms Watts Relationships  EIRP
23  Ohms Watts Relationships  EIRP
24  Ohms Watts Relationships  EIRP
25  Ohms Watts Relationships  EIRP
26  Ohms Watts Relationships  EIRP
27  Current and Resistance for Various Wattages
28  Ohms Watts Story Problems
29  Worksheet
30  Worksheet

Series, Parallel and Combination Circuits Table of Contents - Journeyman Calculations Workbook #2
Obtain a free digital download of this workbook with answers to all questions. Click HERE.

31  Series Circuits   E I
32  Series Circuits   R P
33  Series Circuits   Diagrams  3 components
34  Series Circuits   Diagrams  4 components
35  Series Circuits   Diagrams  5 components
36  Series Circuits   Diagrams  6 components
37  Series Circuits   Diagrams  7 components
38  Series Circuits   Diagrams 10 components
39  Series Circuits   Story Problems
40  Worksheet
41  Worksheet
42  Parallel Circuits   E I
43  Parallel Circuits   R P
44  Resistance total in Parallel when all same - when only two
45  Parallel Circuit Diagrams  3 components
46  Parallel Circuit Diagrams  4 components
47  Parallel Circuit Diagrams  5 components
48  Parallel Circuit Diagrams  6 components
49  Parallel Circuit Diagrams  8 components
50  Parallel Circuit Diagrams 10 components
51  Parallel Circuits Story Problems
52  Worksheet
53  Worksheet
54  Combination Circuit Diagrams  3 components
55  Combination Circuit Diagrams  4 components
56  Combination Circuit Diagrams  5 components
57  Combination Circuit Diagrams  6 components
58  Combination Circuit Diagrams  7 components
59  Combination Circuit Diagrams  8 components
60  Combination Circuit Diagrams  9 components
61  Combination Circuit Diagrams 10 components
62  Combination Circuit Diagrams 10 components


Box Fill, Junction Box Sizing, Conduit Fill and Nipple Fill Table of Contents - Journeyman Calculations Workbook #3
Obtain a free digital download of this workbook with answers to all questions. Click HERE.

63  Box Sizing
64  Junction Box Sizing
65  Box Fill-NM cable
66  Box Fill Story Problems
67  Box Fill Story Problems
68  Box Fill Story Problems
69  Box Fill Story Problems
70  Pull Boxes-Straight Pulls-Angle Pulls
71  Pull Boxes-U Pulls  Back-of-the-Box Pulls
72  Pull Boxes-Multiple Entries
73  Pull Boxes-Multiple Entries
74  Pull Boxes-Multiple Entries
75  Pull Boxes-Multiple Entries
76  Gutter Sizing
77  Conduit Fill-Maximum Number of Conductors Permitted
78  Conduit Fill-Look Ups
79  Conduit Fill-Table based on 2005 NEC® - 40%
80  Conduit Fill-Calculation Worksheet
81  Conduit Fill-Calculation Worksheet
82  Conduit Fill-Calculation Worksheet
83  Conduit Fill-Various Raceway Types
84  Conduit Fill-Story Problems
85  Conduit Fill-Story Problems
86  Surface Metal Raceway-Wiremold®
87  Nipple Fill-Table based on 2005 NEC® - 60%
88  Nipple Fill-Various Raceway Types
89  Nipple Fill-Look Ups
90  Nipple Fill-Story Problems
91  Nipple Fill-Story Problems
92  Conduit and Nipple Fill-Percentage Practice

Ampacity Correction and Voltage Drop Table of Contents - Journeyman Calculations Workbook #4
Obtain a free digital download of this workbook with answers to all questions. Click HERE.

93  Ampacity Look Ups
94  Ampacity Correction-Ambient Temperature Correction Factor
95  Ampacity Correction-Conduit Fill Correction Factor
96  Ampacity Correction-Continuous Load Correction Factor
97  Ampacity Correction-All Three Factors
98  Ampacity Correction-Find Conductor When Load is Given
99  Ampacity Correction-Story Problems
100  Worksheet
101  Worksheet
102  Bus Bar Ampacity
103  Resistance of Small Conductors
104  Conductor Resistance
105  Resistance Change with Temperature Change
106  Combination Load-Ampacity Determination
107  Maximum Unbalanced Load-Single Phase
108  Amperage Clamp-on Meter
109  Ampacity and Resistance-Story Problems
110  Ampacity and Resistance-Story Problems
111  Ampacity and Resistance-Story Problems
112  Voltage Drop-Constants
113  Voltage Drop-Calculations
114  Voltage Drop-Calculations
115  Voltage Drop-Calculations
116  Voltage Drop-Percentages
117  Voltage Drop-Chart
118  Voltage Drop-Story Problems
119  Worksheet
120  Worksheet
121  Voltage Drop-Line Diagrams
122  Voltage Drop-Line Diagrams

Single Phase Transformers and Motors Table of Contents - Journeyman Calculations Workbook #5
Obtain a free digital download of this workbook with answers to all questions. Click HERE.

123  Transformers  Ep  Es  Np  Ns
124  Transformers  Ep  Es   Ip   Is  Np    Ns   eff
125  Transformers  Ip   Is   Np  Ns eff
126  Transformers  Ep  Es  Np  Ns ratio
127  Transformers  Ep  Es   Ip   Is  Pp  Ps    eff
128  Transformers  Ep  Es   Ip   Is  Pp  Ps   Np  Ns   eff   step
129  Transformers  Ep  Es   Ip   Is  Pp  Ps   Np  Ns   eff   step
130  Transformer Proportionalities  T-F
131  Transformer Story Problems
132  Worksheet
133  Worksheet
134  Transformer Story Problems
135  Worksheet
136  Worksheet
137  Transformer Story Problems
138  Worksheet
139  Worksheet
140  Motor Full Load Current-Disconnect Size
141  Motor Full Load Current-Interpolation
142  Motors-Conductor Sizing
143  Motor Branch Circuit Protective Devices
144  Motor Overloads
145  Motor Overcurrent Protection
146  Motor Feeders-Feeder Protection
147  Motor Feeder Overcurrent Protection
148  Motor Efficiency-Generator Efficiency
149   Motor Volt Amperes
150  Motor Power
151  Motor Calculations-Story Problems
152  Motor Calculations-Story Problems

 Residential Single Family Service Calculations Table of Contents - Journeyman Calculations Workbook #6
Obtain a free digital download of this workbook with answers to all questions. Click HERE.

153  Residential Lighting Loads  -  Circuits
154  Residential Service Calculations  -  Net Lighting and Appliance Demand
155  Residential Service Aspects  -  Standard Calculation
156  VA Motors in Service Calculations
157  Non-Coincident Load  Heat and AC
158  Fixed Appliance Service Demand  -  Four or More
159  Range Feeder Demand  -  Column A B C
160  Range Feeder Demand  -  Note 1
161  Range Feeder Demand  -  Note 2
162  Range Feeder Demand  -  Weird Combination
163  Household Cooking Appliances  -  Story Problems
164  Household Cooking Appliances  -  Story Problems
165  Household Cooking Appliances  -  Story Problems
166  Household Cooking Appliances  -  Story Problems
167  Complete Service Calculations  -  Residential Standard
168  Branch Circuit Conductors  -  Household Cooking Appliances
169  Branch Circuit Conductors  -  Dryers, Water heaters
170  Branch Circuit Conductors  -  Heat and AC
171  Residential Electric Service Calculations  -  Worksheet
172  Residential Service Calculations  -  Standard
173  Residential Service Calculations  -  Standard
174  Residential Service Calculations  -  Standard
175  Residential Service Calculations  -  Standard
176  Residential Service Calculations  -  Optional
177  Residential Service Calculations  -  Optional
178  Residential Service Calculations  -  Optional
179  Residential Service Calculations  -  Optional
180  Residential Electric Service Components
181  Residential Electric Service Components

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