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Most daily calculations for conduit fill are nothing more than a look up. This is true when all conductors are the same size and type. But there may be a need to calculate conduit size when conductors of different sizes and types are expected to be installed in the same raceway. This is not uncommon.

Example: How many #10 THWN conductors will fit in a 1" PVC schedule 40 raceway?

Solution: Go to Annex C of the NEC way in the back of the book. Find the appropriate raceway table. PVC schedule 40 is table C-10. Find 15 at the intersection of THWN and 1' trade size. So 15 will fit. This does not mean you have to use a 1" for 15 conductors. Usually there is some intelligent reason to increase conduit size for large numbers of conductors which travel a long distance. But that is not code. There is no requirement to increase conduit size due to length of run.

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