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Now you can have a banner ad of your own design placed on a page or pages at for an annual payment of $120 per ad per page. This pays for the website webmaster time to place and maintain your ad. You may change ad content by email every three months. So in a years time you can advertise four products. Or let the same ad run for the entire year.

Your ad will be placed above the fold in most cases. If this is not possible, your ad will be placed in the top half of the page content, for sure. If you are not pleased with the placement, or are not pleased for any reason, you will be given a full refund during the first thirty days after payment has been made. Please minimize action in the ad. A gif of your products in the ad is fine. But no blinking ads will be placed.

Quantity discounts are not available on this service. You supply the html code. will not generate or modify the code. For this reasonable price, will place your code on any page you select at the website except the index or directory pages.

So if you would like an advertisement of your product to appear on a web page of, you can select a page. Create an ad. Pay with a credit or debit card. And leave the rest to us.

The technical specifications: an ad should not be larger than 728 x 90. No other shape is acceptable. A link in the ad to your website is suggested. No reports as to hits or traffic will be provided. No record of clicks will be available.

If you have questions, email reserves the right to refund payment for ads which in our exclusive opinion are inappropriate for the website.

Use this button to order ad placement. Paste in your script/code in the message box on the payment page. A verification email will be sent with a link to the page where your ad is placed.


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